After 25 years in the business, and so many sales training courses and coaching sessions that I have lost count, and lets not forget sales managers and directors that had a good morning and thought “Today I am gone teach my people to sell”.

The time I have wasted trying this approach, makes me want to sue every one of them for all the money I have lost in bonuses. And gets me so depressed I need to buy Prozac by the barrel to get over it.

If you go to a professional soldier, and ask him about Rambo…what is he gone tell you  ?  ITS BULLSHIT !!! Hollywood fantasy, impossible and does not work that way in real life.

If your manager, sales coach, director or anyone comes with this to you. invite them in a meeting or on a call, and let them show you. And please tape the call or meeting and send it to me because I have NEVER seen it work .

I worked for a security company a few years back, and one of the woman with management ambitions came to me and wanted to do a sales coaching session for the team. And she got 15 minutes in the team meeting… and she actually talked for 5 minutes and the played the  Glengarry Glen Ross speech by  Alec Baldwin. Bad decision on my part, and very happy I started with 15 minutes..

I asked her after the meeting what she thought, and of course she was very happy , and the team delivered the worse numbers ever.. And I had to spend the next 2 weeks rectifying and coaching them back on track. We managed to  delivered the best numbers in the company, and the discussion with the woman about management and coaching was dead.

Actually  this woman became a manager after I left the company, and I also know that two thirds of the team quit, and they never got the numbers they had the previous 2 years.

In 2016 “Always be closing”is dead, buried and the funeral was 20 years ago.

In 2016 we treat the customer with the respect they deserve, and we sell them products they need,  so they will come back and buy another product and they talk about us as the best buying experience they have had, and tell all their friends and co workers about how great we are.

So the next time somebody drag up “always be closing” just tell them that we have developed sales since 1980.