Tacitus – The secret salesman .

This blogg will be about sales and sales only. It will cover my experiences every singel day, and how customers behave and react and the different tactics and the outcome of my sales.

I have 25 years experience in sales and sales management. I have worked for a couple of the big bluechip companies and I have started my own company and failed, and started my own company and had success. Today I work as a sales manager for a smal company in Europe, specializing in sales and sales only.

Who am I … would like to keep that a secret. ¬†WHY ??
I am gone use examples from my work, and previous employers not every employer is gone be happy about this. And for my own peace and focus I will keep in a secret. I will answer any post as honestly as possible, but will like to keep my life the way it is and not get in the media or anywhere else.